AC Services
There could be a number of reasons your A/C isn’t working. Below are some of the reasons.

-Clogged or leaking condenser
-Improper refrigerant level
-Refrigerant cross-contamination
-Damaged compressor
-Broken Belt
-Clutch issues
-Moisture & Debri
-A/C control malfunctions
We can address any of these issues and get your A/C system back up and running.

Air Filtration
-Cabin air filters need to be replaced when they get dirty or clogged to ensure proper and clean air flow in the cabin of your car.

-Does your vehicle pull to one side? Is your steering wheel off center? Does your car shake or vibrate? Are your tires wearing unevenly?This could be an alignment issue that will create a bigger problem for your tires.

-At Danny’s we can test to see if your battery is in need of changing. Weather changes, extreme temperatures, and age are all contributing factors to battery failure.

-Are your brakes noisy? Do smell a burning smell when you brake? Is your care vibrating when you brake? Does it seem that you have press your brake harder than normal? All of these could be signs that your brakes are in need of replacement. We can check them out and replace pads and/or rotors.

Check Engine Light
-At Danny’s we do complimentary engine checks. We will scan your car and let you know the codes that are making the check engine light come on.

Computer Diagnostics
-Cars these days are run by computers. Can’t figure out what is causing problems in your car? Let us run a computer diagnostic and see if the computer is malfunctioning or in need or programing?

Cooling Systems
-An engine’s cooling system is made up of several parts, including:
–the water pump
–pipes and fans

If any of these are damaged or not working properly this can mean major problems for your car’s engine. If your car is overheating, running hot, or the heat isn’t working in the winter it could be a cooling system problem.

Drive Suspensions
-Problems with your drive suspension could include: grinding or whining noises as you drive, vibrations, leaks, tire wear, and alignment issues. We repair and/or replace drive suspension issues.

Electrical Systems
-Car today are comprised of sophisticated electrical wiring systems. A slight electrical error could cause major performance issues in your car.

Engine Services
– Engine replacement can very costly. It is important to have all engine problems looked at immediately and diagnosed. Remember every system in a car works together and can affect the life and performance of an engine. If this is the case we are here to help also.

Exhaust Systems
-Misfires, gasoline smells, check engine lights, and lower fuel economy could all be signs of an exhaust system problem. Let us diagnosis and repair if for better performance.

Fuel Systems
-A vehicles fuel system is comprised of a filter, fuel pump,
Inspections & Emissions
Oil & Filter Change
Power Steering
Scheduled Maintance
Transmission Services
Tune Ups

A vehicles fuel system is comprised of a filter, fuel pump, gaskets and lines. Many things could be the cause of fuel system failure. The fix could be as simple as a cleaning solution or complex as complete replacement.

Inspections & Emissions
-We are a fully licensed Texas State Inspection facility. We will do a pre-check before completing any inspection.

Oil & Filter Change
-Oil changes are the life of your car! We offer standard and synthetic oil changes while you wait.

Power Steering
-Steering wheel hard to turn? This could indicate a power steering problem. Whether it’s an electrical or mechanical problem we can service it!

Scheduled Maintenance
-Every vehicle has a recommended scheduled maintenance. We are here to help with each recommended service.

-Tire wear can be caused prematurely by other mechanical problems or from normal wear and tear. We offer a full range of standard or speciality tires.

Transmission Services
-Transmissions are one of the most important components on your car. Regular maintenance to your vehicle and transmission are required to ensure the life of it.

Tune Ups
-Every vehicle has a recommended schedule of tune ups. This could include spark plugs, wires, fluid changes, filters, emissions, and other components.